5 Habits That Damage a Smile

Smile you look cute!! This is a slogan we always see on the road sides and that makes us smile isn’t it?

Face is the emblem of the personality. You are happy, sad, and angry or in love that is a vivid mirror that shows what is going inside a person. Do you want to look ugly when you smile? Or you don’t want to smile when you are among the people? Or you want to give an impression you don’t have humor? Come on… no one wants to do that.

Do you want to look cute while smiling? Today we are going to understand that why a smile is so important and what keeps us smiling all the time.

Let’s have a look!!

Do you have teeth? Everyone have them is this a question? Yes not all people have teeth, but the question is do you have healthy teeth that makes your smile worth million dollars. Some people have teeth with plaque, some have teeth with cavities and some don’t have all the teeth due to uncertain hygiene and care for them. Teeth need proper care and attention why?

Because if they will fall how can you smile? If they have cavity or plaque you can’t eat what you want to eat, even you will be conscious of smiling in public as it doesn’t give a good impression.

To have them safe and healthy there are certain measures a person must focus and do. Some of the measures you can have by avoiding few habits:

Cigarette Smoking and Tobacco chewing:

Some of the boys and girls start smoking and don’t want to disclose that secret to parents. So they smoke and do the toothbrush instantly. This is really not safe for the teeth. When you smoke the teeth gets heat. And when you brush instantly obvious the water is cold as compare to the heath. The teeth become weak in this way.

More than 50,000 people have been diagnosed with oral cancer in United States. If this is the ratio in United States what would be the ratio in the whole world. Chewing tobacco also causes cheek of gum cancer. Because one keeps the tobacco in the mouth for the longer period that deteriorates the health of gums and cheeks.

In order to safeguard your health; try to avoid smoking and tobacco chewing because in this way you will smile but also can die.

Mouth guard in Sports:

A person can be safe if he or she is protecting himself or herself. Everybody is well aware with the sports that need protection like basketball, boxing, rugby and many more. These are the lethal sports that included man to man contact. A small injury in the tooth may damage your overall health of oral cavity.


The sports person must have to know personal protection is very important and one has to have its own mouth guard to protect the teeth and gums from the serious injuries that can happen from any punch they might get on the face.

Stress and Teeth mincing problem:

People under stress are in habit to mince teeth while sleeping. This habit is also termed as bruxism. When you mince teeth the white enamel on the teeth breaks down slowly and it chips off the teeth and gives pressure on the gums. Sometimes a person don’t realize while sleeping and wake up with the broken one.


With Orthodontist York PA recommendation use a night guard to protect your teeth and gums. This will solve the problem slowly and gradually. Try to have good calcium intake which will protect your teeth in this process.

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